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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kids Fitness Circuit

When it's rainy out, it's pretty easy to turn it into a 'nap & TV day'. But with 3 kids running around, that isn't really a sustainable option - for the sanity of bedtime and beyond. So on the fly, I put together a little "fitness circuit" (just like at Power Sculpt :) that was fun and helped to release some of that homebound energy.

I played music during each station and when it was time to switch, the music went off and they had to go to the next exercise (sort-of like a game of 'freeze'). When then music started again, they started their next station and so on.

It was easy, they had fun and it killed 10 minutes...now what to do for the rest of this rainy day?!?

Each station was about a minute - it took a while to get them to do each exercise correctly so they probably exercised around 30-45 seconds at each one. We went around twice making it 10 minutes in length. You could use any exercises - I recommend body weight strength versus lifting external resistance. Here is what we did:

Jumping Jacks



Bicep Curls



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