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Monday, June 24, 2013

Tighten up your Triceps!

Aren't triceps the best? They are that lovely part of your upper-under arm that when you wave...keeps moving even when you stop. It happens to everyone - but the tighter your triceps are, the less they will wiggle and jiggle!

Try this workout the next time you are at the gym. Make it a non-stop, super set circuit so there is little to no rest between exercises. If you want awesomely toned tris then repeat the series 2 to 3 times.

Warm-Up with 3-5 minutes of cardio exercise

Kickbacks - 15 reps

FORM: Using a light set of dumbbells (3-7lbs) bend over at the waist but keep your back straight and knees soft. Engage your core tightly and pull your elbows up just above your back. Keeping your elbows in place, extend your arms back straight. Bend in and repeat extension. If you have perfect form at the end of your set, hold your arms out for 10 straight arm pulses.

Cable Push-Downs - 15 reps
FORM: Hook a straight or upside-down-V bar to a high cable at the gym. Adjust the weight towards the top of the stack (test to make sure it is challenging but not impossible). Stand vertical facing the cable and hold the bar. Pull it down mid way so your elbows are right next to your side and hands are slightly higher. This is your start and finish point. Keeping your elbows locked at your sides, press the bar ALL the way straight down then return to your start position.

Dips - 15-20 reps
FORM: Sit on the edge a bench, stability ball or BOSU with your hands right next to your legs. Your knuckles should be facing away from you. Lift your bottom of and in front of you so all of your weight is in your arms. Bend your elbows so you are lift ing your body weight down and up with your arms. TIP...the ball and BOSU will be more challenging!

Overhead Tricep Extensions - 15 reps
FORM: Use a moderately heavy dumbbell (7-15lbs) and hold it with both hands above your head. Keep your posture upright and knees soft, lower the dumbbell behind your head then press it back up straight. Be sure to keep your elbows close to your head and chin slightly down. If your form is still strong, perform 10 pulses at the end of your set.

Rope Extensions - 15 reps
FORM: Exact same procedure as the cable push-downs however you will use a rope attachment instead of a bar and at the bottom of the extension you will also pull the rope outward (each side/hand away from you).

Closer-Width Push-Ups - 15-20 reps
FORM: Come into a regular push-up position on your knees or toes. Instead of having your hands a little wider than your shoulders, move them in even with or a little narrow of shoulder-width. Keeping your core engaged and back straight, lower down and up.


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